Volvo Cars

2018 - 2023

For the first year and a half, I was part of the Design Studio working with the Core HMI and principles for the next-gen UI. I was also part of the organization working with the strategy and research on autonomous drive UX. After that I joined the UX Vision group working mainly with long-term strategies. My focus area was Smart system design but also explorative design on feedback modality, data visualization, and other research projects. In the last two years I joined the Car UX core system team mainly working on UX principles, system design and workflows together with the system architects and developers for the in-car UI yet to be launched. I also worked with the UI typography development.

Overview of Volvo Cars experience
Core HMI
Design principles
Smart systems
Feedback modality
Data visualisation
Explorative UI/UX

Explorative UX and prototypes